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Ramon Arias was involved in full time Christian work for over 40 years. His work was carried out in the United States, Mexico, Central America, South America, The Caribbean, Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Ramon and Nena’s activities has included mass evangelism in auditoriums, stadiums, bullrings, and open- air meetings, radio and television broadcasts that have touched millions. In 1986 

his television broadcast “Nueva Creación” was awarded the International Award for “integrity and excellence in communications” from the prestigious National Religious Broadcasters organization in Washington, D.C.. Ramon Arias was an author of books, courses, numerous publications, audio and video productions. His varied activities included speaking at universities, seminars for pastors, spiritual growth, marriage and family, and singles. Ramon and Nena planted churches and founded Christian schools abroad.

Ramon Arias also had extensive political involvement as advisor, campaign strategist, promoter of Christians to high levels of public office at home and abroad, and co-founder of political parties that resulted in winning two presidencies and twice winning congressional majority in Central American countries.  In 1991, he initiated a national movement in Mexico to reform four articles of the Mexican Constitution, which were greatly adverse to Christianity. As a result of this initiative, the Mexican Congress accepted eighty percent of the proposed legislation for those four articles.

Maria Elena (Nena) is one of twelve siblings, a wife, mother and grandmother. She has been consistently involved in Christian work through various means for over 40 years. Teaching the Word of God has taken her across the United States as well as countries in Central and South America, Europe, and Africa.

Born in Southern California where at the early age of 17 she committed her life to Christ and simultaneously was called into the mission field. This was a call she immediately obeyed after graduating from Bible College in 1974. As a single young woman her first assignment was a year-long missionary trip into a very hostile and life threatening time in Argentina where she participated in itinerant mass crusades, healing the sick, delivering people by the power of God, participating in youth activities and leading worship. She has planted and pastored several churches in the U.S. and Mexico.

As a conference speaker and singer, Nena has taught in countless leadership seminars, women’s conferences, workshops, political summits, and youth rallies. Nena has produced and co-hosted television and radio broadcasts for over 40 years.

She has been an activist of biblical values for many years. Her activities include involvement with political groups, political campaigns, mentoring individuals for public office, speaking at Tea Party rallies and various television interviews championing many issues.

Her interests are multiple and varied but mostly works to make other’s lives more meaningful through life in Christ using biblical principles. She has as a lifelong goal of fighting for the soul of this country in these turbulent times. She asks God, “Help us save America!”



To inform, motivate and equipped Christians and the American public to be pro-active in defending and implementing the biblical worldview on which our country was founded.


To restore the biblical foundations in all areas of society.
“If the foundations fall, what can the righteous do?”


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