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Featured Resources

Backfired: A Nation Born for Religious Tolerance No Longer Tolerates Religion

William J. Federer

How did America go from Pilgrims seeking freedom to express their Judeo-Christian beliefs to today's discrimination against those very beliefs in the name of tolerance? “Back Fired” chronicles the history of this disturbing development now rampant in our country.

America's God and Country: Encyclopedia of Quotations

William J. Federer

This comprehensive 845-page reference tool includes over 2,100 quotations from nearly 700 sources highlighting America's noble heritage. Complete with footnotes and illustrations, this book is a valuable resource to individuals in any occupation or endeavor.

Wives of the Signers - The Women Behind the Declaration of Independence

This unique book pays homage to the women of the Revolution, allowing readers a glimpse into their lives that have for so long been neglected.

Ethics: An Early American Handbook

A Reprint of an 1890 Original. Fascinating historical resource…a must have for every library and every home.

Change to Chains: The 6000 Year Quest for Control- Vo. I

By William J. Federer

• What is going on in the world? Is it politics as usual or is there a bigger picture?
• How did past civilizations rise and fall? Can the past give us an insight into the future?
• Bill Federer's fascinating new book, Change to Chains-the 6000 year Quest for Control, gives an insight.