Happy 4th of July!

Nena Arias | July 2, 2018

Another 4th of July celebration is upon us. America’s 242nd birthday is just a couple of days away from the time of this writing. We all anticipate a time of fellowship with family and friends and all the trimmings that come with this holiday. The cook outs, picnics, parades, decorations and of course the elaborate fireworks display we all enjoy. A sense of patriotism swells up in every true American heart. Also, we cannot forget those who fought for our independence and laid down their lives.

America has never feared foreign invasions even in the face of the infamous attack at Pearl Harbor. We have always been a country who is ready to defend itself and is even preemptive to the threat of war on our soil at all times. We are always on alert.

We help other countries fight their enemies also because much of the time their enemies are our common enemies too. Many countries are grateful to us when we have intervened in their inner struggles with abusive and oppressive governments who threatens to even annihilate some of their own people in their quest to stay in power.

But something different is happening within our borders and from coast to coast. The divisiveness within our country on many fronts is becoming clearer. We have enemies from within that are rearing their ugly head in a very aggressive and vitriolic manner pushing the socialist/communist/Marxist agenda with as much strength as they can muster. Entrenched politicians of both political parties are being upended in their re-elections by younger and more determined idealists who are fighting to win at all cost such as the young 28-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York who won over a 10-term democrat politician who was hoping for a higher position in Congress this coming term.  Ocasio-Cortez is just spewing the socialist/communist ideals all over the place and people went for it. I sometimes wonder why those who love that ideology so much don’t just go to live in one of those countries that live under those regimes instead of hating us so much and wanting to make America into something it was never designed to be. 

As we take a look at our national landscape we can certainly see the thunder and lightning that menaces to bring a storm of perhaps greater civil unrest, the likes of which we have never seen before in our lifetime. The strong winds of unrest are picking up for all to see. Those who are dissatisfied with the way the country is going are making their voices heard louder and louder. They are spewing their anger in every direction but especially at our president, members of his administration and what to say about their hatred of conservatives and Christians, who the leftists hate because we stand in their way of turning this nation into something totally unrecognizable.

The times we live in require a deep reflection and evaluation of the moral condition of our nation in the social, political, economic and educational areas. We cannot deny that our future as a nation looks bleak due to the destructive course we find ourselves in.

Also, we should not overlook the threat of nations like the Iranian government who has declared a desire to eliminate the United States of America. What can we say about Communist China who for the moment shows great interest in profiting economically and acquiring all of the technology they can extract from the United States? China has accelerated its arms development enormously to the degree of perfecting a submarine that is non-detectable by radar. China’s Communist philosophy and ideology is so antagonistic to our way of life that we should never believe for a moment their intentions of “peace and goodwill” especially because of the way they are increasing their arsenal of weapons.

If we add to the above, the rapid growth of leftist and anti-American governments in Latin America, enormous jealousy against the United States in Europe and the despising and scorn from a majority of countries from different continents toward this nation, we do not have a very flattering panoramic view. This negative sentiment, contrary to what many may say, is not only due to the fact that the United States of America at present is the most powerful and wealthy nation of the world, but also that it has forgotten God and its godly foundation that rendered its greatness.

On that front, I believe there is a ray of hope in that many Americans have awakened to the urgency to get back to our original godly values. Christians especially have called out to God for quite some time and God has heard those prayers, which he will answer in his time. In the short time that President Trump has been in office things have started to turn around. Many of us are surprised that one who was unlikely to become president is in the White House and God put him there.

Just in the last week the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy was announced, this means that for the first time in many decades we have an opportunity to have a conservative majority in the highest court of the land. With God allowing this, we can reverse some of the greatest reproaches against us like massive abortion and same-sex issues.

If we begin to clean house and turn from our wicked ways, then God will hear our prayers and heal our land, so we can get to be a nation that brings glory to the God of the universe, our Creator who designed us to be a nation that would bear his name and truth to all the world.

God, help us save America! Happy 242nd birthday, America!