Hollywood Actor Reveals What He Thinks Is ‘Weird’ About Atheists

Billy Hallowell | August 14, 2014                       

Actor Kevin Sorbo isn’t shy about sharing his views on politics and religion, which he has candidly detailed in past interviews with TheBlaze. And in a recent appearance on “Access Hollywood,” the “God’s Not Dead” star spoke out about atheism, saying he doesn’t understand why some nonbelievers get so “offended by something they don’t believe in.”

“I’ve seen these guys [atheist activists] on TV and cable outlets … I see the anger when these guys get on TV,” said Sorbo, who played an atheist professor in the film. “And I’m going, ‘Wow, how do you get so angry about something you don’t believe in?’”

The actor, who is a Christian, went on to call it “weird” that atheists often become so turned off by nativity scenes that they try to get them removed from public property, especially considering that they don’t believe that these religious symbols hold any merit.

“They’re offended by something they don’t believe in,” Sorbo added. “Well, it offends about 90 percent of people of the country that they take the nativity scenes down, but apparently, the majority doesn’t have a voice in this country anymore.”

Sorbo, who said playing an atheist role in “God’s Not Dead” was “pretty cool,” also dismissed critics who said that the film’s plot — which focuses on an epic battle between a student and an atheist philosophy professor who threatens to fail the pupil if he refuses to disavow God’s existence — was unrealistic.

“What’s interesting, people can say, ‘Oh, that doesn’t happen,’ where students get persecuted at universities because of their belief. It does happen,” Sorbo said. “At the end of the movie, we show 37 court cases — we could’ve shown many more — in the closing credits of major universities being sued by students, because they’re being persecuted purely for having a faith in God.”

He continued, “What’s the big deal? I mean, live and let live. I’m a live and let live kind of guy. If you have an atheist, fine. If you’re an agnostic, we can talk.”

Atheist blogger Hemant Mehta had a strong reaction to the actor’s comments, writing, “it’s disturbing how easy it was for Sorbo to trash atheists the moment he had an opening.”

In the past, Sorbo has said that he believes “God’s Not Dead” could help convert atheists and agnostics to Christianity.