Hungry for God

Nena Arias | February 20, 2023

“O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you;
my flesh faints for you, as in a dry and weary land where there is no water.”
(Psalm 63:1)

For several decades, at least seven just to name a number, those of us who have been paying attention to the spiritual decline of our nation here in the United States since the 1950s, have been hungering for a genuine move of God to sweep the nation in an in-depth work of the Holy Spirit. I want to emphasize “in-depth”. We have seen some happenings that have been named “revivals”, but the effect too soon goes away and there is no in-depth change in lives and culture. The opposite is true. Our nation has continued increasing the momentum of corruption and depravity. This is what happens when people don’t change from their wicked ways in the deepest core of their being. Some things may look very positive momentarily but then go right back to old sinful ways.

Lately, we have heard of an interesting move that is beginning among the university students and has begun to spread to several campuses and now is overflowing into some congregations. It is a move that began in an ordinary chapel worship service at the Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky that simply did not end and it just kept getting bigger, even the media became aware of this phenomenon and reported on it. At this chapel worship service, students were awakened to a hunger for more of God and started to confess their hidden sins in public in more honesty with God and themselves.

Evidently, this pleased God and wonderful manifestations of God’s presence are being very palpable. The word has got around, and it is reported that even people from several nations are showing up on this campus and also manifest a deep hunger for experiencing God in a more meaningful way. The main auditorium is full, overflow buildings have been opened up and there are long lines of people waiting outside to get in or simply joining in from the outside where giant screens have been placed. It is evident people have come and plan to stay for as long as they need since they are showing up with pillows and blankets. Water is being provided and food trucks are on hand to offer food. Not too many people want to leave and have been there already for days.

Some are even taking this model to their university campuses and congregations. There is no predetermined program, there are no “stars” on the platform, only Jesus is being praised and exalted and sought after.

Could this be the beginning of the in-depth visitation and transformation of our nation that we have been praying and longing for and can this even spread to the world? Don’t you want to be included in what God is doing in the world instead of spending your time on things that do not profit your soul? If not, ask God to awaken in you a desire and in-depth hunger for more of him.

“My soul thirsts for God, the living God. When shall I come and appear in God’s presence?”
(Psalm 42:2)

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.”
(Matthew 5:6)