The Blame Game is First Reaction When Things Go Wrong

Nena Arias | August 21, 2023

“Have you eaten of the tree of which I commanded you not to eat?” The man said, “The woman whom you gave to be with me, she gave me fruit of the tree, and I ate.”
(Genesis 3:11-12)

No one who knows they are doing something wrong likes to be caught with their “hand in the cookie jar” so to speak. The first reaction is to make excuses or to play the blame game to avoid accepting responsibility. The above verses in Genesis is the record of Adam’s first reaction when God called him out on his disobedience. Blaming others is the natural tendency of sin since then.

Everything happens as a result of people’s ideas and decisions. The problems in our lives today are the result of our not-so-good decisions of the past. The same is true of the problems and chaos in our nation.

It is more than obvious that America is applying incorrect knowledge in most areas of life. The sooner we acknowledge this is the better position we will be in to resolve our problems.

A few years back, Franklin Graham did a call to prayer titled, “Decision America Tour” to call America back to God and he made a statement on the Christian Post saying: America’s enemies today are “godless secularism” and those who “call themselves progressives.” But was he correct in saying this?

His emphasizes was all about prayer and asking God for forgiveness and national healing, as well as encouraging Christians to run for office and the responsibility to vote in elections.

I agree that Christians must run for public office at all levels, except it should not just be anyone who claims to be Christian, and this is why: since the forming of the new experiment of civil government in the late 18th century, the majority of the elected officials have professed the Christian faith. Since then, over two hundred years of history reveal that not everyone that claims to be of the Christian faith thinks and acts according to biblical principles. How do we know? The outcomes of our cultural conditions tell us so.

At present, we have a handful of committed Christians in a rubber stamp U.S. Congress who are unable to turn anything around and, for the most part, only seek to serve their personal interests and the interests of their masters who pull the strings. The tragedy is the majority of them profess the Christian faith. Only Christians that know and live by the biblical worldview and apply God’s moral absolutes can make the difference for good. It is unquestionable that Christian America must seek forgiveness and pray to the only One that has the power and ability to heal the nation, however, He has specific requirements to answer those prayers. God needs faithful, unselfish, obedient vessels to be the answer to those prayers for the orderliness that our nation needs.

We know that godless people who call themselves progressives have taken hold of most of the power in America but only because the real biblical Christians pulled out of their position of influence to continue to direct this nation with godly biblical principles.

There are no vacuums in ideas and there are no vacuums in leadership. If these positions are left empty someone will occupy them.

Ideas and values dominate the mind; they become a belief system that is then put into action.

Our understanding and acceptance of reality is of utmost importance. Our thoughts and words are important in expressing what we consider to be real. The challenge has always been who the ultimate authority is that defines reality? In his book, Ideas have Consequences, this is what Richard Weaver wrote:

“The issue ultimately involved is whether there is a source of truth higher than, and independent of, man; and the answer to the question is decisive for one’s view of the nature and destiny of humankind.”

It is expected that godless and progressives/leftists reject the source of truth as being from God Almighty and appointing themselves as the only interpreters of what is truth in all areas of life, on this planet, and the universe. But when those who say they belong to God and on his side do the same in failing to uphold God’s principles, the outcome is disastrous, and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Let’s stop the blame game, accept our responsibility, and get to work!