The War on Monuments is Intensifying

Ramon Arias | August 21, 2017

Justice is turned back,
 and righteousness stands far away;
for truth has stumbled in the public squares,
 and uprightness cannot enter.
Isaiah 59:14 (ESV)

Monuments such as statues, sculptures, paintings, obelisks, parks names, and constructions represent cultures, ideologies, religions, or just remembrance of a person of renown and their contribution that honors their memories, which may date back to thousands of years. However, even those, in time, have been destroyed for varied reasons.

Do you remember in early 2001 seeing in the news how the Taliban in Afghanistan, blew-up the two largest standing statues of Buddha? The statues dated back 1,700 years; they were carved into a cliff, so their destruction triggered an international uproar. That year in England the Telegraph published an article stating “Mullah Mohammed Omar, the Taliban leader, issued a special edict on February 26 ordering the destruction of all non-Islamic statues.”

New broadcasters have documented how with the rise of ISIS they have also destroyed Christian churches; and to the horror of many in the western world, some Mosques that are considered offensive, along with a Museum of antiquities. Such is the historical nature of ideologies.

In Seattle, there is a 16-foot statue of Vladimir Lenin surrounded by guns and flames representing his leadership of the Marxist Bolsheviks revolution that started October 17, 1917. The following comment is from Wikipedia:

Knute Berger, acknowledging that “we are supposed to be amused” by the “hippie whimsy” of a Soviet symbol in the middle of an American city, said that seeing the statue can not help but remind us of the killing and repression Lenin inspired. But Berger reflected that perhaps the meaning of this Soviet relic is the opposite, that it is “a trophy of Western triumphalism”, representing the victory over communism and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The Lenin statue has been a point of dispute and indignation, the town artists see “art” not for what the revolutionary stood for.  Reports that Seattle authorities want the removal of Lenin’s statue prompted the response from a Russian lawmaker:

Russian Communist Party MP Dmitry Novikov said the plans to remove the statue are yet another manifestation of the anti-Soviet, anti-Communist and anti-Russian sentiments prevalent in the United States.

“If the mayor of Seattle tries to connect the campaign against Confederate monuments and the campaign against Lenin’s statue it looks rather strange, because Lenin was in strong opposition to all forms of slavery and all forms of social violence. He was for justice and personal freedom, he had created a party that was steadily fighting against the absolute monarchy in our country,” Novikov pressed.

If you find Novikov’s statement ironic is because it is. On December 31, 1991, the utopian Communist paradise collapsed. Atheism elevated the State as the all-omnipotent centralized power to implement equality, progress, and happiness for all—the outcome was slavery everywhere their ideology was applied. 

With the recent wave of those who find anything related to the Confederate monuments offensive they are on the loose and destroying symbols of American history calling for the removal of all memory of those who had slaves.  If they succeed in removing the memorials of some of the founding fathers it will be of interest to see what they will name cities that are named after Washington and founders.  What many Americans are not aware of is the successful deceitfulness of the left’s sociopolitical movement that uses any means to destroy the nation’s biblical foundation.

Since the arrival of Karl Marx’s ideas from Europe to the United States in the 1850’s his social influence has grown in many areas, which include our institutions, the dominant political Democrat party, some in the Republican Party and even many Christian churches.  What is worse, those who are naïve to the workings of Communist goals contribute to the country’s demise.

The communists are experts in the art of deception and know how to use words and phrases acceptable to the general population. Perhaps you are familiar with the terms “state capitalism,” “democratic socialism,” and “critical social analysis.”  John Dewey (1859 – 1952) was the primary instrument in the educational field and social reforms in the public schools. The public schools became the church pulpit of the Communists, and most teachers were the pastors to indoctrinate the children.  This indoctrination gradually made its way to the universities. In the article: Marxism in America? Yes from Summit it says the following about Marxism in the universities:

Several decades ago, U.S. News and World Report revealed an alarming increase in the number of Marxist professors on university campuses. In affirmation of the claim that ten thousand Marxist professors roam America’s college campuses, Herbert London said, “Every discipline has been affected by its preachment, and almost every faculty now counts among its members a resident Marxist scholar.” Among them, Duke University’s Fredric Jameson and Lancaster University’s Terry Eagleton. At any major university you’ll find some professors overtly evangelistic about Marxism and many others sympathetic to Marx’s aims.

How did America with such a powerful and unique social foundation based upon biblical principles, that has gone through a War Between the States, is now facing social instability and heading toward a potential civil war? This question is answered with a few words: America departed from the biblical worldview.

Take a quick assessment of how things have unfolded since 1963 until the present, and when you do, you’re going to find the most important part; Christians by proxy allowed opposing ideological views to set in. Let us also keep in mind that in social matters there isn’t such a thing as a void or neutrality; ideas never operate in a vacuum.

This war on monuments that is intensifying is an ideological countercultural movement, and their quest for justice is no different than the one leading to the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. There’s only one source of justice and it does not originate with man’s ideas. Isaiah 59:14 gives us a guideline that shows us how to get back on track.

We must all make up our minds whose voice we are going to follow, the one that rejects God’s moral absolutes, or God’s as revealed in the Bible?

You shall not fall in with the many to do evil,
nor shall you bear witness in a lawsuit,
siding with the many, so as to pervert justice.
Exodus 23:2 (ESV)