The Week that Fundamentally Transformed the World Almost Two Thousand Years Ago

Ramon Arias | March 25, 2013

Anyone who thinks that Obama was so original with his now famous and fatal phrase “the fundamental transformation of America,” does not know anything about history. Since the dawn of the human race that is exactly what man has endeavored to do with far-reaching failure.

The overwhelming majority of Americans admit that America is heading in the wrong direction with only a minority that believes it is going in the right direction. If that statement is true, then why was Obama reelected? Or, was he?

Transform or change is the same goal. Obama did not start this fundamental transformation of America; long before he came to be who he is, America has been the target of those who’ve wanted to take the new experiment of government in a totally different direction and vision than those of the founding fathers.

Abraham Lincoln, while president, was one of those who wanted to fundamentally transform the nation. There was no justifiable reason to create the War Between the States where over 700,000 lost their lives, and the federal government became more powerful and centralized. This was not necessary, proof of this is William Wilberforce (1759-1833) a pro-active English Christian leader and a productive politician who was a concerned legislator, after 20 years of faithful fighting to abolish slavery through politics, finally succeeded in 1807 in passing an act of parliament in all British colonies. And guess what? Not one bullet was fired or people wounded or killed in the process of abolishing the English slave trade.

Had Lincoln taken the same path as Wilberforce in abolishing slavery without the use of military force, supported by the pulpits of the states that were preaching against that form of slavery and the value of human life, America would be a far better nation and an example to the world by retaining their original foundation of 1620. Since Lincoln’s form of government until the present, the nation has been fundamentally transformed from her original vision and foundation.

Throughout history empires and great nations have come and gone. They all have one common thread that weaves them together, moral decay in all areas of life, which includes church life. Should humanity continue to move forward in this ethical decay soon they will find out the cliff is waiting not far from where they are.

One more year, Christendom celebrates the most powerful week in the history of the human race in the past, present and future. The week started with Jesus riding on a colt into Jerusalem announcing that he was the King of Kings and Lord of Lords even though the disciples, and the masses in Jerusalem could not understand the true meaning of this event. That is not to say that most Christians today understand exactly the full meaning of that day better known as Palm Sunday.

This was the week Jesus was to fulfill that had been thousands of years in the making to bring about the new man, not according to communism or any other ism, but according to the plan laid out before the foundation of the universe and this earth. This was the week that Jesus totally indicted the religious leadership for destroying the moral law of God with doctrines of men. He revealed to them how the temple, Jerusalem and the nation of Israel were going to be destroyed with considerable tribulation and considerable suffering.

During this week, Jesus reminded the disciples of the coming of the great teacher to be the one who would lead his people in all the truth, the Holy Spirit. The person of the Holy Spirit was to bring about the regeneration/transformation of the inner person in the brand new men and women. This new race of God’s people throughout time would be the most intellectual and knowledgeable at problem solving of all the complex human difficulties. They would be exactly like Jesus, developing his mind, authority and power to make known how the government of God works to better social life.

Toward the end of the week, he would face indictment with the death penalty from the religious leaders and the Roman Empire. Neither the religious nor the political pagan system could understand that Christ’s crucifixion was the fulfillment of God’s plan for the redemption of the human race. At the cross, the slavery of the entire human race to sin was conquered, and Christ humiliated the evil powers, spiritual and natural. The spiritual evil world, religious and secularist pagan systems of all ages past, present and future were defeated.

In the first day of the week, Jesus Christ resurrected and received all power and authority in heaven and earth and is the King of kings and Lord of lords at whose name every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord!

Since then, Jesus commissioned his disciples to disciple the nations by bringing the understanding to them and all the benefits of God’s ethical government and the manifestation of God’s supernatural intervention in human affairs. Has Christianity fulfilled this commission? Not quite, they have fallen short, nonetheless God’s purpose is advancing in the next coming biblical Reformation which is going to bring about throughout the world a greater understanding of God’s divine plan for the nations.

No person, group or nation can bring about fundamental transformation outside of God’s divine plan. Those of the 16th Century Reformation understood this. The Pilgrims in 1620 understood this, and the founding fathers understood this. They were smart in following God’s instructions. Only fools think they can ultimately transform society without God. If you are going to celebrate Easter with the bunny and chasing eggs, be reminded of the foolishness of man’s wisdom and continue to pay the cumbersome price.