37 Indications Of A Civilization Headed For A Fall

  1. It is too soft, too luxurious, and too successful, and is, thus lazy.
  2. There is a vast concentration of land holdings by private parties or government, which has a negative effect on both the morale and morals of the people.
  3. It fails to adapt to new challenges, whether they be economic, political, social, or climatic conditions.
  4. Raw materials are used up at home and have to be imported, but can no longer be afforded.
  5. There is a concentration of power and decision making in the hands of the powerful few.
  6. The traditional, classic family becomes fractured.
  7. There is exploding knowledge and increased complexity the results in each subsequent generation knowing less of the country’s total cultural heritage then the generation that went before it.
  8. Overwhelming population numbers hinder individual development and achievement.
  9. The least capable members of society outbreed the more capable.
  10. Women and minorities’ rights become pervasive issues.
  11. Laws strangle the productive members of a society and the judicial system is slow, inefficient and subjective.
  12. Belief in the occult increases.
  13. Sexual freedom is pervasive.
  14. Inflation is rampant.
  15. People become disinterested and disenchanted in the political processes.
  16. The population’s primary focus in on self-gratification and entertainment.
  17. World cities arise.
  18. Governments and societies emphasize preservation, duplication, security and mass-production.
  19. The more capable member of society rejected government service for selfish reasons, believing they can maintain their separate self-interests.
  20. Drug use and homosexuality become widespread.
  21. The tax system becomes brutal and discourages innovation and initiative.
  22. Poorly educated members of society take leadership positions in government.
  23. The productive population decreases in number due to birth control, abortion, wars, suicide and the like.
  24. Crime, immorality and corruption proliferate.
  25. Government bureaucracy becomes a barrier between government leaders and the people.
  26. The country is flooded with aliens who have neither identity nor understanding of the language, culture or history of the nation.
  27. The more capable members of society reject military service.
  28. Basic industries become controlled by foreign money.
  29. More people depend upon government for income then paid taxes.
  30. Government fails to unify the conflicting interests of the nation.
  31. Religious faith declines.
  32. People become passive, rather than active, interested in games, recreation, reading, entertainment and illusion, rather than the real world.
  33. Rebelliousness and alienation of youth from older generations is widespread.
  34. The lower and middle classes, who are used to getting more each year, are frustrated.
  35. A society has a long period of economic growth, followed by a period of slow growth and decline.
  36. Those with wealth and power feel guilty and become overly sympathetic to the economic underdogs.
  37. An obese, costly, professional military, emotionally detached from the general population, seeks its own self-fulfillment.

 According to: (Book 1- Wealth For All, Religion, Politics and War, R.E. McMaster, Jr. publishing by A.N., Inc; Whitefish, Montana. pgs. 263-265).