CBO Acknowledges Funding Planned Parenthood is About Murdering Babies

Ramon Arias | March 20, 2017

 “You shall not murder”

Exodus 20:13

Much weight is on the shoulders of the nonpartisan CBO (Congressional Budget Office), and many await their prediction. The analysis measures the impact that legislative bills have on society and their comments on the health care bill to repeal and replace Obamacare is also of much concern as to the impact it will have “without services that help women avert pregnancy” like Planned Parenthood. Read the analysis here.

What I get from reading the CBOs statement is very simple—no abortion funding for Planned Parenthood, the most murderous industry will result in more births. The funding for Planned Parenthood is about $500 million dollars a year. Does this sound like they are acknowledging that murdering unwanted babies during pregnancy is better for society and the economy? According to their assessment, that is what they are saying.

With all the problems we face, should we even be concerned with the likes of Planned Parenthood? Absolutely! We have unelected leftist federal judges going against the Constitution and putting the lives of people in danger by stopping executive constitutional orders, they only care about usurping power and imposing arbitrary decisions therefore setting dangerous precedents. It seems that they have now opened the door to uphold the seeds of anarchy, whether they accept it or not. The truth is no one can ignore history without paying the social price. To ignore undeniable historical facts does not only make us foolish, rather, it confirms it.

Just because the nation is overloaded with problems does not mean we should ignore the CBOs assessment not to defund the industry of planned murders. The federal funds make it illegal to use that money to pay for abortions. Have we forgotten the 2015 series of videos that exposed Planned Parenthood officials having a conversation about harvesting body parts and donations of murdered baby’s tissue? Those videos prompted an investigation in the House of Representatives. There are some conservatives in both houses of Congress, that care to bring an end to the abortion industry, and so should we. 

Historically, it never ends well for a society that murders its unborn, or denies the right to life after their birth. Murdering the most defenseless of all humans has deeper roots in the morals of a society; if their perverted ways are not eradicated from the culture there is nothing that can stop the wrath of God.

The Sixth Commandment is not a religious concept; it is a universal law that not even atheist nations will eradicate. From the dawn of human history, murder has been dealt with harshly and when this fails lawlessness increases. “You shall not steal” is the Eight Commandment and just like the Sixth Commandment, society cannot afford to ignore them even if they reject the very existence of God; they know in their hearts and minds they abhor such actions. By nature, humans detest murder and are horrified when someone commits such an act. Also, people do not enjoy when others steal from them; in both cases they demand justice.

God’s Ten Commandments are the core foundation for all law and order, and without them it is impossible to have a stable society. People may fuss, gripe, reject and even condemn the Commandments but they could not live without them; life would be unbearable. Now, if those Commandments were understood, thought about thoroughly and applied in all areas of society we would see a culture that would be coveted by all nations. 

Every one of us has the responsibility toward the Sixth Commandment. If we don’t work to stop the slaughter of unborn babies, in part we become guilty of those lives that have been destroyed since 1973; we are talking close to 60 million of them, at the time of this writing.  God does not accept silent witnesses and He expects us to act; as we do, we are avoiding His just judgment to the next and future generations.

There is much you and I can do to stop the murder of the unborn. Calling and writing to our elected U.S. Representatives and Senators demanding the end of funding abortions is a must, also asking them to legislate a law that will reverse Roe vs. Wade. Until this massacre is abolished, there will be no social peace or stability. 

Another contribution we can make is to support organizations that help women not to abort or to give their babies up for adoption. Every effort to end the violation of the Sixth Commandment is not only well worth every effort but our heavenly Father also expects it of us.

“Therefore, to one who knows the right thing to do and does not do it, to him it is sin.” James 4:17 (NASB)