Insanity is Aiming to Fully Rule America

Nena Arias | September 4, 2023

“For you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear,
but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons, by whom we cry, ‘Abba! Father!’”
(Romans 8:15)

Why is the culture in our nation redefining everything that is vital and turning our lives upside down? The excuse that is given is so that the few who are perverted or confused about themselves, and their worldview won’t get offended and will be allowed to live their twisted lives among us without anyone judging them.

This insanity is even causing people who have worked hard to form an honest career and living to lose their jobs simply because they mispronounced someone’s difficult to pronounce name or have used the “wrong” pronouns that some have chosen to identify them that do not agree with their biological gender. It is said that something as minute as this may traumatize a person to the degree that they will not be able to reach their success in life.

Is this still the United States of America where we have formed our values according to how our Creator establishes all things in life? Most of us will agree America is quickly becoming unrecognizable and we don’t like it.

The colleges and universities are where students went to learn through real education and where they were exposed to a world of ideas so they could know how to form a firm, tried and true worldview to guide them throughout their life with success. But now, those institutions are filled with skewed personalities who can’t face reality and have to run to a “safe space” when they feel intellectually and emotionally challenged.

What can we say about all of this gender confusion that now demands the use of the gender-pronouns of the person’s choosing so no one will be offended. What will be next? Shall we address a person by saying “hey you”?

It is no secret that most institutions of higher learning are dominated by leftist ideology. They hate critical thinking and abhor any kind of opposing opinion; they don’t want students to expose them by presenting opposite views. They are adamant against free-market and seek to implement communism at all costs. They blind themselves to the benefits of smaller government and lower taxes which produce higher revenue.

How big should the government be? It seems those with the leftist ideology can’t conceive that the bigger the government the more liberties we lose. We invite our own slavery by demanding a bigger government. This loses the real meaning of being an American. History teaches that the bigger government path has always oppressed its citizens. By going down that path, Americans will not magically be the exception.

At this point, the left has monopolized the race issue of black vs. white, and that is not making things better but worse as we are constantly witnessing. Things are so out of control and ridiculous that even if a black police officer shoots another black person, he is declared a racist. How does that make any sense?

Does a racist nation elect and reelect a black man to the highest office in the nation? Are we really to believe that America is racist?

Many important and meaningful truths and concepts have been turned over on their head and totally ignored. Can we imagine the dominant left allowing the public schools and institutions of higher learning to put on mature debates where critical thinking is challenged to define the origin of evil and good, and the value of the Ten Commandments? These used to happen in the true America. How about this one: does science truly discredit the existence of God or disprove him? Where did the leftist ideology get the idea that murder, stealing, or bearing false witness should be punished and other moral concepts are wrong. Why not allow students of all levels to hear and ask questions in a debate about atheism vs. theism? Can you imagine what would happen if they could use their common sense to rationalize the answers? It doesn’t take rocket science to figure these things out.

Sadly, all of this is the result of the Marxist-Leninist ideology of political correctness that has been fundamentally transforming this nation for over 100 years, and even more so, at a neck-break pace in the last 70 years. Even though their ideology has proven to be insane, they think that one day they will get it right, so they continue to do the same things over and over again with the same failing results. That is precisely the definition of “insanity”.

The mind is not autonomous; either it submits to God’s revealed ideas or to the ideas of insane humans, that is history and that is fact. No past generation was able to successfully tamper with it, and neither will any present generation, ever succeed at playing God no matter how hard and long they try.

Modern philosophy has ridiculed biblical morality and faith. The other side of the coin reveals a resurgence of brave and committed biblical Christians. These committed believers are willing to put all on the line to make the difference. More of this will bring on the coming Reformation we so desperately need. Only God’s truth impacting all areas of culture will turn us around in the right direction. This will impact the world. By the way, this is not wishful thinking it is called the reality of history that moves in a linear pattern guided by God to fulfill his will here on earth as it is in heaven.

The Holy Spirit that guided Jesus in his earthly public life and his resurrection, and who is in every born-again person in Christ continues his work to this day in each of us.

Let us shake off the spirit of slavery once again in America.

Let us commit to do whatever it takes to show our generation, and future generations, the way the truth and life that were brought to us by Jesus Christ.