Mag caves to pro-LGBT pressure, bans therapy ads

Charlie Butts | March 10, 2015

In spite of Psychology Today magazine caving to pressure, resources are still available for those who want to deal with unwanted same-sex attractions.

Psychology Today permitted therapists who specialize in dealing with unwanted same-sex attractions – sometimes referred to as “reparative therapy” – to run ads in the magazine. But after Huffington Post ran an article on it and activist organizations applied pressure, the magazine decided to ban the therapists from advertising. 

The pro-homosexual group Human Rights Campaign, in a letter to the magazine, argued there is “no credible evidence” of success with such therapy and that it “poses devastating health risks for LGBT young people.” 

Counting that argument is David Pickup, a licensed counselor who successfully counsels such individuals.

“What Psychology Today has done is bow to the pressure of a political organization that has an extreme gay agenda,” he says, referring to Human Rights Campaign. “[HRC is] trying to force gay ideology on everybody – even for those clients for whom homosexual feelings do not represent their authentic selves.”

Pickup says those feelings often arise from unfulfilled emotional needs during childhood and extreme forms of gender-identity inferiority – and in many cases, same-sex abuse by pedophiles.

“So in other words, Psychology Today has said to these clinicians – who are professional, licensed therapists – that they will not tolerate any professional who knows how to do this work, which really is transformative for the people who need and want it ….”

For those who do want the therapy, there is a “Safe Exit” – a church-based program of PFOX, Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays, which can provide information on the subject and referrals to licensed therapists. PFOX executive director Regina Griggs is urging Psychology Today to reconsider its decision “and support the opportunity for individuals to access the help they decide is best for them.”