Moral Decline Crumbles Individuals and Societies

Nena Arias | January 2, 2024

“There is a way that seems right to a man,
but its end is the way to death.”
(Proverbs 14:12)

By virtue of being born in the 1950s I have seen many significant changes to our culture and our way of life well into the 21st century. I get it that change is necessary for progress but change for changes sake is never a good thing. For change to be a positive one it must rest on a solid principle for right living where individuals grow, and societies benefit from those changes.

There are pillars in every civilization that should never change if that society wants to preserve itself for posterity.

The traditional family unit is one of those pillars that should never change. It is the first and main building block of a society. I have seen a drastic decline of families that don’t resemble the traditional family and its values like we have for millennia. This fact in our present-day society hits and crumbles our society a fatal blow. It is heartbreaking to have to say that mothering has been traded for daycare or babysitting. I am not referring to single parents who truly have no one to help them out with their children so they can go to work. I am referring to so many men and women who prefer to pass off the blessing and opportunity of a lifetime to be the primary source of mentoring and raising their children to total strangers. I totally understand the high increase of living and how hard it is to make ends meet, but I also know that first things have to be priority and at the same time find a way to make additional income from home so as not to neglect the children. Coming from a poor family of twelve siblings and a widowed godly mother who worked hard and trusted God to meet our needs, I know of this only too well, and God’s faithfulness to provide.

Too many children are being short-changed in their quality of life so parents can have more money and a career. Children need to be with their parents as much as possible, especially their mother. A child’s best learning years are from 0 to 7. It is when they learn the fastest. These early experiences are something parents and children should not miss out on. Many “modern-day conveniences” are crumbling families, parents and children and scarring them for life. We are already seeing the irreparable damage in so many children and young people due to this drastic change in our society.

The same can be said in regard to the lack of quality in education due to indoctrination in public schools rather than high quality home schooling, something that churches should be helping parents with, especially single parents. Spiritual education is practically non-existent in the homes in support of a relationship with God for morals, values, and principles, which are judged by so many to be old-fashioned if parents don’t go with the trends of the day.

Our society lacks public leaders of good character, and our children are growing up in an age of so much corruption, immorality, and dishonesty. What used to be white is now black, and what used to be black is now white and totally acceptable with social approval.

If you are paying attention to the trends—they are not good.

Couples are preferring to shack up rather than to commit to a marriage for life. Children are being traded from parent to parent in separate homes in new blended families. And that’s not including the very real issue of fatherless households. A concerning result of this is children and young adults committing suicide at unbelievable rates, they turn to drug use in hope to ease their suffering and lack of true identity. Unnecessary deaths are escalating, and all is being blamed on poor mental health, depression, and anxiety when the problem goes much deeper into the depth of the human soul—it’s called, sin.

Why do people refuse to acknowledge their sin?

The answer is not too difficult to arrive at.

We as a people are no longer unified in our spiritual and moral values because we have turned our back on God and lost our moral compass. That makes all the difference in the world. We are shooting in a million directions and none of them are proving to be effective. We have lost our true purpose in life and have tried to fill it with whatever garbage we find along the way in our earthly journey.

This is not the way our loving God designed life. He wants the best for us and has given us the instruction manual on how to achieve our true purpose—the Bible.

We are not to guide our lives through social media which will undoubtedly cause us to lose our way. We need a surer guidance which is only found through the Word of God.