Higher Education Owes a Huge Debt to Modern Society

Nena Arias | December 18, 2023

“There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.”
(Proverbs 14:12)

The reactions of university students in the United States after the disastrous events of October 7th in Israel, when Hamas brutally attacked and killed Jews and took hostages, should be a thunderous wake up call to our entire nation of the dangers that have been brewing in our universities for a long time and are now coming to a head. It took this one horrific incident to cause all the rot that has been brewing in our universities for a long time to burst wide open and overrun many campuses and streets of several cities all across our nation in a very putrefied river of hatred against Israel and the Jewish people to run rampant. Where did all this antisemitism come from, and why were we caught so unaware? This is what we are attempting to look at and find solutions for. But, as usual, it will call upon all of us to take part in those solutions if we hope to salvage our nation from a ruinous collapse.

As you can see, looking at this is of utmost importance especially if you have children in these universities or plan to send your children to college. It is imperative that everyone is aware of how contaminated education has become in America at all levels if we are going to understand where the younger generations are coming from. You must know what you are sending your children into, so you won’t be surprised at whom they most likely turn out to be by the time they graduate.

Such a reckoning is long overdue. C.S. Lewis highlighted the central problem in his book “The Abolition of Man.” He noted that human beings have to learn to navigate between our sinful appetites and our reason, and this requires a well-trained moral compass. Yet modern education teaches the young to debunk morality and follow their own course. Lewis calls these people “Men without chests”—men and women without grounding in a proper response to the way things really are, a foundation that makes it possible to live a good life.

“In the older systems, both the kind of man the teachers wished to produce and their motives for producing him were prescribed by [conscience]—a norm to which the teachers themselves were subject and from which they claimed no liberty to depart,” Lewis explained. “They did not cut men to some pattern they have chosen,” but rather “they initiated the young neophyte into the mystery of humanity which over-arched him and them alike.” It was merely “old birds teaching young birds to fly.”

The new objective is more a form of “conditioning,” forcing students to follow a particular ideology.

It is common knowledge at this stage in the game the Daily Signal reports that in recent decades, the university has become dominated. Managing editor of the Daily Signal Tyler O’Neil says these universities teach, “a Marxist ideology teaching that society is fundamentally oppressive and the oppressed (women, minorities, LGBTQ people) must throw off the yoke of the oppressors (men, white people, straight people). This great revolution justifies tossing out the entire Western heritage and producing people who adhere to a new ‘woke’ morality. It increasingly brooks no dissent, encouraging students to view with suspicion anyone who questions its pseudo-religious tenets.

These ideas themselves represent a threat to liberal education. They aim to transform the sanctuary of learning into a factory of ideological warriors bent on pulling down the very foundations on which it stands.

Americans should vehemently oppose this ideology and demand reform in higher education. Such reform should not aim to abolish the universities but to restore them to their original purpose—the artes liberales.”

I agree with Mr. O’Neil that we must demand an in-depth reform in education all across the board.

We should demand that these institution of learning make restitution and repay the heavy debt they owe for having contributed greatly to the destruction of the foundation of our country. It will take generations before the damage can be undone.

This problem that the universities and the public school system have been creating for several generations is now coming home to roost as we have been pointing out in how at least the last three generations are thinking in regard to our nation due to the poison they have been taught and how history has been twisted to make them believe that our foundation is evil. They have been taught to hate who we are, and this is leading to destruction just like God’s word says in: Proverbs 14:12 “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.”

If you were asleep and oblivious to this, it’s time to wake up America! Hopefully it is not too late.