The United States Congress Legislates Immorality in Your Name

Timothy Buchanan | March 25, 2018

( – Whenever the righteous people seek to pass laws that impede or proscribe sin, the political Left predictably regurgitates the same tired old fallacy. Most of us have heard, ad nauseam, the liberal refrain, “You can’t legislate morality.”

While there is a modicum of truth in this brief statement, it contains a dangerous distraction.

It’s certainly true, that legislation alone cannot change the human heart or prevent harmful behavior, but it can serve as a useful deterrent to destructive sin. The problem for much of our society is that we no longer view sin as destructive. Instead, we deceive ourselves by describing sin with justifying euphemisms like a right to choose and sexual preference.

If morality cannot be legislated, can immorality? Is not the anti-gun movement of the rabid Left ostensibly an effort to legislate school shootings out of existence? If not, then it has no merit. If so, then we have a tacit admission that legislation can deter immorality and crime.

The federal omnibus spending bill just passed by Congress includes another $500 million grant to the deceptively-named abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. Despite ten years of Republican promises to terminate funding to the nation’s leading purveyor of death and misery, members of Congress ensured that the death toll will continue to mount. There are many other problems with the spending bill. But the continuation of abortion-funding may be the most egregious.

Every one of the original arguments offered to the U.S. Supreme Court during the Roe vs. Wade case in 1973 to convince the court to strike down state abortion bans has been washed away by modern science and honest reason. No longer can it be seriously claimed that life does not begin at conception or that a fetus is not a separate being unique and distinguishable from that of his or her mother. Abortion persists in the United States because cultural liberalism has made our society morally weak and lazy. Liberalism has had the same effect on the Church.

The state of Mississippi just passed into law, a statewide ban on abortions beyond 15 weeks. Already, the screeching cries of abortion advocates are rising from the deep south. The Magnolia State’s ban will certainly be condemned by the ACLU and challenged in the courts. That’s understood. The legal process provides a new opportunity to reverse the disastrous illegitimate Roe decision and end the Supreme Court’s 45-year-old practice of legislating the killing of the innocent.

Moral authority is a powerful and under utilized force in American politics. Even the radical left wing of the Democrat party realizes this fact. But because liberals are committed to their half century foray into the exploitation of carnality, Democrats can only offer feckless counterfeit ideals like political correctness, equality, fairness and specious notions about what is the right thing to do. Now, Republicans have abandoned moral authority as well.

Leadership abhors a vacuum and the neglect of biblical moral teaching in the Church has allowed unqualified secular moralists to substitute pseudo-ethical excuses for genuine moral integrity. The result is the putrid slough of gross sin that American culture is foundering in. The absurdity of liberal causes is staggering. Abortion, sexual perversity and illegal immigration are just a few of many issues. They have no moral, ethical or legal foundation to rest upon. Public funding for the abortion industry causes irreconcilable anguish to any righteous man or woman, equal in severity to the Intolerable Acts that led to the American Revolution. It’s worth considering that we may be closer than anyone can imagine, to a second civil war or another revolt against an unjust government.

Many conservatives hoped that President Trump would veto the omnibus spending bill because of the malignant provisions it contains. He has his reasons for signing it into law, and rebuilding the military is one of his stated priorities. President Trump has vowed that he will never again sign such a reckless and wasteful spending package. It should now be apparent that Congressional Republicans have joined with Democrats in legislating immorality.

GOP leaders have demonstrated that they are unwilling to stand against the culture of death that is represented by Planned Parenthood.

Who would sign an order to execute an innocent person? Congress has signed the names of 320 million Americans to the execution orders of over one hundred thousand unborn children whose only offense is being alive.

In passing the omnibus spending bill, they have legislated immorality and made us all their accomplices.

Congressional betrayal has created a unique opportunity for President Trump, the Church and private citizens to seize moral authority in America and stand against the senseless slaughter of the innocent.

If ever there was a cause for which the noble should be willing to fight, this is one.