The Unraveling of the America We Love

Nena Arias | July 13, 2020

Seek the peace and prosperity of the city… Pray to the LORD for it,
because if it prospers, you too will prosper.
(Jeremiah 29:7)

Growing up in America, as children, we looked forward to the enjoyable parades and patriotic celebrations to commemorate meaningful events in our history. They were joyous occasions that swelled our hearts with patriotism and love and appreciation to be living in this great country. But the recent marches of people we have seen on the streets of our cities these days are intended to gain support for what some believe are injustices committed against them. We do not deny that there are injustices being committed. But in America we have been provided with processes to get justice and change what needs to be changed for the greater good. However, these injustices are now being blamed on everyone from the government, police, business owners, homeowners, to everyone with white skin or a different skin color who is alive today in this country and even in the past. Statues and monuments that were erected to honor meaningful contributors to our national history are being toppled without discrimination. The ignorance being plainly shown is mind-boggling. 

I repeat that, America is a country that allows for its citizens to peacefully protest and voice their opinion and grievances in an orderly manner. That is the beauty of this country when the system is respected and followed. Instead the heartbreak and disgust we have experienced watching from our homes how all this horrible unrest is turning our country upside down and threatens to unravel its very core is of great concern. It is astounding that some people are choosing violence over sensible dialogue.

America is seeing this unrest at the worst possible time when we are facing, along with the entire world, the devastating impact of a deadly, highly contagious, virus that at one point shut down the entire country. Needless to say, the economic impact is still not clear, but it is not pretty. Millions were left unemployed, countless businesses are being shuttered or going bankrupt. The result of this is going to be felt for many years or possibly decades. So, the last thing we need is to be torn apart from the inside with violent disruptions that are pitting us against each other. The lack of adequate efforts on the part of law enforcement certainly didn’t help matters. Some took it as a sign that they could create unlawful havoc and get away with it, and many did. America has had great confidence in our legal system that no one is above the law. So, what is this?

Full-blown anarchy threatens America to dimensions we don’t even want to talk about. We just can’t conceive that our government officials and law enforcement are capitulating to pressure groups with lopsided interests. They are taking advantage and imposing upon what doesn’t belong to them, simply because they feel entitled and demand reparations for things none of us took from them.

“We the People” have the sole right and authority to take back the order of this country. If we allow this to continue, the unraveling of the America we love will only increase to such momentum that will be unstoppable and America will be no more.

It is obvious there is a dark agenda to dismantle our country. These things don’t just happen to this magnitude without someone powerful enough funding these efforts. It is incredible that those powerful individuals who have greatly benefited from America are now working clandestine behind the scenes paying others to do the dirty work while they remain anonymous.

One of the undercurrents that is making its way into America is the twisted globalist mentality to implement the one world government. It is a mindset that clashes with the independent spirit of true freedom that formed America. These forces are definitely clashing, which is why they are attacking President Trump relentlessly because his mindset is “America First”. The majority will have to wake up and push back using our election process to keep the globalists out, but we must be relentless also.

It goes without saying that we must push back on the attacks to destroy our liberty and sovereignty. God gave us this nation and he will hold us accountable for it.  We must not hold back on the cost and dedication needed to reclaim and preserve this beloved nation, which must once again be a beacon of light, especially of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.