We Can No Longer Depend on the Supreme Court

Nena Arias | June 22, 2020

Did you get a sinking feeling this past week yet again with another atrocious ruling from the Supreme Court on Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act? It is a bizarre ruling that changes the meaning of “biological sex” with far-reaching effects beyond male and female to a myriad of perverted sexual preferences that must now be respected and included beyond just employment. These perverted men and women can now become your child’s kindergarten teachers at your local school. 

This means that all companies must now allow openly homosexual or transgender employees to receive the treatment they claim is their right or else they can be sued for “discrimination” if the employees don’t like how they are treated or even that they are refused employment. As of now, I understand, there are no “religious exemptions.” This ruling will soon be used to legally force this ungodly agenda into every realm of our society. We are already seeing what it is doing in the sports arena, also the big fight about restrooms. 

I had hopes that we were getting close to having a conservative majority on the Supreme Court that would take us in the right direction toward a godlier nation and overturn Roe v. Wade and “same-sex marriage” among other things! At least that is what we were praying would finally happen, and then this! It is truly disappointing!

Needless to say, this ruling is not law because the high court cannot legislate from the bench so we must actively resist. No doubt this ruling took everyone by surprise, we did not expect this from what we thought was becoming a more conservative court. So please, contact your representatives and tell them to push back on this ruling.  We must not stay silent. 

This disastrous decision by the Supreme Court clearly shows we must not put too much trust in the governments of men and call out to God with greater vehemence. Neither the high court nor the President is our answer to a godlier nation. We cannot depend on the sinful hearts of men to do the right thing. We must look to God and our hard work to honor him in enlarging his kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven. It is the only direction that will bring true change to our society. 

Through our obedience God can then move on the actions and decisions of our government. We will be giving God good material to work with on our behalf. Government decisions have massive implications for all of us, good or bad. We must always look to him, the Ruler of the entire universe and of our lives who has the control of all matters. 

Change for a society can only come through the changed hearts of its people. Those changes will reflect in their government.