Will the Real America Please Stand Up?

Nena Arias | July 5, 2021

“The real weakness in America today is to not use the voice of truth in our history”
~Nena Arias~

Yesterday was America’s 245th Birthday since the founding of 1776. I personally like to count America’s age since the landing of the Pilgrims in 1620. In that case America is 401 years old at this point. The average age of any prosperous country is 200 years and then a decline begins unless something outstanding happens to set it back on course. With this pattern in the history of nations, we can clearly see that America is long overdue for a reset. Especially as we see our culture and institutions unraveling.

Every year as long as I can remember, the 4th of July celebration has always inspired great anticipation as we hear all the majestic tributes to our armed forces and all the reminders of those who invested everything they had including their lives to create this wonderful land of freedom like the world has never seen. This was in response of obedience to a vision given by God to our ancestors. The existence of America cannot be explained any other way that would be accurate. Mere humans cannot take full credit for this marvel. Only God gets the credit for it.

Where we are born is no accident if we understand the way God unfolds all of his creation. The citizenship to a country is a public recognition of legal status that authorizes a person to be a full and functioning member of a civil body, meaning a social and political community with the rights and duties that come along with it. Nobody should attempt be a “freeloader”. No one is exempt from this responsibility. Not even people of the most remote areas on the globe. Each family, tribe, clan, village, town, city or region will have its rules and duties to follow.

The design and character of any nation is a reflection of who its people are. In the case of the United States of America, we are extremely blessed by God, but we must know all blessings from God bring responsibilities. These responsibilities don’t go unnoticed by God, and he expects them to be fulfilled by everyone, no exceptions.

If you live in America and even if you only know a little bit of the original history of America, you know this country became very unique due to the godly principles in its foundation and in the lives of the early settlers, committed patriots and the Founding Fathers. Hardly a 4th of July celebration goes by that Americans all across this nation swell with gratitude for the nation we were given. But somehow this year it feels a little different in that too many people within are fighting against the foundation that gave us our greatness. They are not only fighting against it, but they are forcefully repudiating it with hatred and disdain. What is going on?

What are we looking at in America in these times? America is quickly becoming unrecognizable. It makes you want to say, let’s get back to the America we all love. We are not too late if we all get to work and reclaim and defend the true values that made our country great.

Will the real America please step up?