Thanksgiving is About a Heart Filled with Gratitude

Nena Arias | November 22, 2021

“Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together!”
(Psalm 34:3)

The Psalmist of the Bible was a man that knew how to acknowledge everything about God. The times when God showered his bountiful blessings upon him but also when God showed his love to him through chastisement, and he learned to have an attitude of thanksgiving through all of it. The outcome of all that is that God called the psalmist David “a man after his own heart” (1 Samuel 13:14). Today as we express our thanksgiving before God let’s include all of God’s goodness.

The road ahead is proving to be a great challenge. All indications show it will only increase because of the odds that are against us. We have poor, irresponsible national leadership that is spending us into oblivion and bringing tremendous inflation upon all of us, our nation is seeing lawlessness like never before. People in droves are breaking into stores and stealing merchandise at will, drive by shootings and killings are at an all-time high with diminished police protection, our public schools have made up their minds that our children are “theirs” to do with whatever they please. All these odds are coming against us because we drastically changed our godly principles for living and now the consequences are all coming back at us. But believe it or not, this is still God’s goodness being shown to us and giving us time to turn from our erroneous ways. Just like a loving father chastises a badly behaved child to get him to change his bad behavior because he loves him, so our heavenly Father must do the same because he loves us very much and doesn’t want us to destroy ourselves. The child who gets chastised by a loving father, in time will learn to love and appreciate his father even more because he cared enough to discipline him to make him a better person.

These national conditions demand all hands-on-deck with the guidance of the Holy Spirit to restore us.

The healing of the nation can only be a reality as we work to bring others to the salvation in Christ and we all obey His moral law or at the very least get people to be law abiding to begin the restoration of this country. It is the only restoration that is vital for society.

Let us not lose sight that, first and foremost, our loyalty is to the Godhead whose grace and mercy continues to give us the opportunity to be included in His divine master plan. Let us continue to pray hard and smart in the days to come. Now we are going to navigate very dangerous waters that are ahead of us, but God has given us his message that he is for us!

Let us take courage and continue to press on and figure out how we can glorify God and how we can be better equipped to do His will here on earth as it is in heaven.